Virtual Programs 

Personal Training

Not only is each session customized to you, but no session will ever be the same! We create sessions that are safe, effective and fun! Can be done at our private studio, in your work place, home, gym or outside. 

Imagine a world where you can live your life and reach your goals without feeling like your on a diet. Whole Fitness has spent every waking hour perfecting personalized programs for you to balance your goals without sacrificing your life.

Our Speciality

Online Nutrition and Training

Too busy to meet up? Don't live close by? No Problem! Unlike most online programs that follow a basic template, we design each program individually to match your goals and then hold you accountable to stay on track!


Meal Prep

Group Training

Sometimes it's just more fun to workout with some friends! Grab a buddy and we will put you through a great workout regardless if your fitness levels are different.                     

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Not only do we design your ideal program but we will hold you accountable no matter what it takes! Daily and or weekly check ins will help you stay motivated and on track. 

All Ages Welcomed

Jessica Ayna CPT CSTN

Our Vision


All nutrition services are personalized to your lifestyle and goals in mind. You need to cook for a whole family? No problem! You need something thats easy and simple? No problem! We will design a program just for you!